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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Why do I care so much

Today, you were on my mind...

Sometimes I regret hearing about your life because I can't help but care... the more I care, the more I pray... and who wants that?! Right? [insert sarcastic facial expression]

The most painful experience in life, I've concluded, is to be invisible; to shout and hear no echo, to talk and not be responded to, and to hug a limp body. We need that sense of connection. It's not far from my mind that I might say somethings that you would just die to hear from somebody else close to you.

I pray that I am not the only one who makes the effort to validate your feelings, to lift you up and to give you a "break." This screen you're looking at should not make you "feel" better than a living, breathing, physical person in your life and sharing your address. [BTW, I don't know where you live. That's my boundary. =)]

I did a sociology report with a correspondent from England. What an awesome opportunity to glean insights from someone who has had a similar beginning of life as me "across the pond." Sometimes the big world seems so small. She told me the big, bad, and the ugly about her life, and I spun a report that regurgitated that information into a beautiful story of triumph, redemption and transformation.

I wish that for you. I hope you have people in your life reflecting to you how uniquely awesome you are-- the way God made you. I think one day you should have someone speak to your heart so intensely that you cry because you feel so loved and accepted. I can't do that for you. But, God can. God can speak through my blog, through logarithms and through the people you encounter.

I was at church today praying over you. I didn't need to know your ugly secrets to pray for you. I prayed over your relationships, your children, your marriages and yourself as an individual. There are people out there that almost all they have is God. I've been there.

In whatever language, religion or culture you ascribe to- I would be so honored if you would send me positive intentions and energy. Remember, energy is neither created nor destroyed-- merely transformed from one form to another. We are all connected and excruciatingly different (valuable). 

For throwback Thursday, I hope you think of a day when you received a random act of kindness. Sit in that moment for a while. =)

Thank you for reading. If you're bored or intrigued, please watch this message I recorded for you today! 

I'm ready to respond to your comments-- fire away! 
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