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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Put a frame around it

"How you frame what you say is everything."

~Rina Wallace, Professor, Univ. of Phoenix 


True story. I made a post on a discussion in my human services module and my professor said to me the above quote. She also said that I shouldn't have to hold back in my contribution to the discussion. The only thing she warned me about was something that would be useful to my future in the human services realm.

Other words that come to mind about the quotation:

Those are the things that I left of out my post that made it seem very dry and incomplete. Funny enough, I've had this prompt in the Blogger "draft" category for weeks and now life has jabbed me in the ribs to go on and do it! 

My Claims to Frame
Christian, wife, adopted, mother, deep thinker, analyzer, non-confrontational,
"devil's advocate" for the sake of conversation
for starters...

   Put a frame around it...

In writing, there is usually an introductory sentence, then supporting points with examples, and then a conclusion with some recap of information as well as a new spin on the idea. But generally, we get a wealth of information. In conversation, we can go along hoping and wishing for others to wonder about and ask why we said something. Many conversations leave a lot to the imagination. If the speaker filled the listener in on their frame of reference, that would be a gift. Until then, we can consider:

Reasons to Frame

  • People are bad guessers
  • Incorrect attribution and self serving bias
  • Clarity
  • Disclosure
  • Good will
  • Intimacy
  • No one knows what you mean better than you!

Now that you have mastered Framing...
Try a different Frame. =)

{ Your Two Cents}

Do you recall a conversation where things got lost in translation? Were you able to recover? Please feel free to share in the comments section. 

Thank you for reading. Blessings to you!

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