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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Married to a Godly Atheist

I married a

What do I consider a "Godly Atheist"?

A person who acts loving and righteously (as humanly possible) without labeling themselves as a Christian or believing in G*D.

How is that possible? They are two opposite things, right?

Not necessarily. If God is love and teaches believers to act righteously and an atheist is loving and strives to be righteous, then they are not incompatible

Atheists and Theists can co-exist and 

they can learn from each other.

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 Atheists can teach Theists...  

  • How to stand convicted in our propensity for judging others.
  • How to give without bragging.
  • How to be okay with people who disagree. 

Theists can teach Atheists...

  • How to forgive themselves and others
  • How to value themselves outside of their status and "works."
  • How to connect with a larger purpose, for G*D or otherwise.
  • That they are also the hands and feet of G*D
  • They are loved by G*D whether or not they believe in him.
Being Married to a Godly Atheist...

Being Married to a Godly Atheist

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Is to be blessed with a household of multiple perspectives. Is to learn how to love on multiple levels. I feel that my husband was crafted for me. His godly behavior has blessed me from the beginning. 

He's been open to going to church with me. He tried it out for 18 months and decided that it is not for him. I don't think it's because he doesn't want to believe, but that the church we found wasn't willing to minister to his particular set of needs.  I hope we find a church where we feel like we belong.

We recently had a conversation before bed about G*d. Because we love and respect each other, we were able to talk about it in an honoring way while still disagreeing. I was touched that my husband acknowledged to me that my faith is part of who I am and he loves me including my belief set. 

He's never discouraged me from going to church. He's encouraged me to go to prayer group. He loves that I'm able to have that faith. Perhaps, he wishes he could "meet" me there some day. But I was so touched by the way he accepted me and didn't take offense at my beliefs.

That is something that we (from both sides) could offer each other in the pursuit of co-existing as loved children of our Ultimate Creator. The only reason why I ever bring up my faith to him is if he feels unloved, discouraged and not good enough; because I know someone (our Creator) who can be there for him better than I can. But, I don't jam it down his throat either.

My first call in life is to love my husband as myself and God. It's not contingent on his set of beliefs. Even the Bible says that. And that- is how I operate with my husband in love and respect. He is more precious to me than life itself. 

{ To my Readers }

I only reference my faith because it paints my perspective and how I write and think. I in no way mean to convert anyone.  God has enough influence to do that without me in your, and his, good timing. I care that you are a upstanding person with morals. No one is perfect, with me as a shining example of that fact. Thank you for reading!

{ Your Two Cents }

I invite you to comment on your thoughts about what I shared in my post today. I hope you have a "Godly Atheist" in your life like I do. Blessings~


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