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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The God Network

Are you on Direct Spiritual Link (DSL)?
I ask this sincere question because I can say that I have NOT always been connected. But I can say that I have always known it to exist. This is my first stab at putting words to this idea. The premise for this post is reveling in the small and big events that have happened over the past few months that convinces me that this D.S.L. (with God) transcends time and physical presence.
I have felt our relationship grow even though he is 15 time zones away. I could not understand how it could be possible to work on your marriage from a distance and make fireworks go off in a different space and time. But it really has.
All I can come up with is that we are connected to “The God Network.” It is only through Him that His creation, marriage, would grow. And since he is outside of space and time, so does our love and intimacy with him and between each other. I don’t think my husband knows this yet, but God is making a MONUMENTAL bid for his soul right now through his heart for me.
God has been faithful to my serving him. He has delivered on His statement that “my husband is covered by my faithfulness.” He has brought people on both sides of the world into our spheres as part of His God Network. We are on “Direct Spiritual Link” (DSL) as God is the conduit for all of the Love and growth that flows in and between us over the distance. God sees our marriage as a beacon of His Greatness and Love for those around us.
My love story with my husband is a parallel of my ongoing relationship with God. I would not know if anything catastrophic happened to my husband because of our separation. He could be (God Forbid) dead and I would not know to stop believing in our connection. He is still real from far away and he still engages with me in conversation and by interacting with the people I love over in another country. Isn’t that what God does for us?
Though God has not yet revealed himself to us as “Himself,” he does compel the people closest to us to love us with love only He can supply. Communication outside of space and time is…faith. We need to stay in connection with God to be connected to each other. Whether or not my husband knows it, he is participating in allowing God showing himself to me.
We can only be connected to God or to the Enemy at one time.  What does the Enemy offer that rivals God’s fulfilled promises? I pray that you, my reader, would be able to experience God’s blessing a fraction of the extent to which I have been blessed. You don’t have to believe. Just Love. <3
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