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Monday, June 1, 2015

Rethinking what is medicine

I threw away the bottles...

                                              of pain pills.

Starting April 7, 2015, I broke up with OTC products. I was subjecting myself to an organic detox program and decided to make it life changing. It was the last day I reached for my side-kicks "Acetaminophen" and "Ibuprofen." I wanted to make the expensive detox carry over into other areas of my life. 

This was "breakup" was hard and nearly unthinkable. I had chronic pain from multiple physical traumas. I convinced myself that those "sidekicks" were benign compared to the prescription pain pills I could have become addicted to. But my body was telling me, I was not doing it any favors. 

Other than taking one headache pill, I have been completely off OTC medications for pain or for cold/flu. I have relied on essential oils, exercise and a fairly conscientious diet (less meat, more organic foods, more veggies and fermented foods). My experience with the detox was a surprise to me. 

I thought I would feel better immediately afterwards. But, my body was feeling sick and achy from the detox treatments. Then it hit me--- perhaps the pain is part of detoxing that my body has been doing on its own. Instead of trusting what my body was doing, I fed it the two side kicks as if I lost faith in my body's ability to restore itself. 

And to take things a step further... I decided to get my hormone IUD removed (procedure done today). Since having the IUD, I've collected a lot of fat around my midsection. I suspect my body was not liking the IUD and protecting it with the fat deposits. I have always been petite and nearly effortlessly slim until the IUD.

I have read testimonials from other women who gained a significant amount of weight on hormone IUDs. I will be blogging on my body changes in the coming months. I will continue my exercising throughout the week (monitored by my MisFit Shine) and taking my vitamins, minerals and fish oil. 

My newest health effort is to get better quality of sleep. I've put my cell-phone far away from my body and brain so there are no electrical interferences with restorative sleep. I'm careful to use f.lux on my desktop computer and on my cellphone (EasyEyes) if I'm using it at night.

As an added "health twist," I have been building new friendships that will help me with my fitness accountability, emotional health and general support. The nice upside is that both my husband and I are enjoying spending time with mutual friends. Friends take the pressure off spouses to fulfill all of the social needs a person has.

picture was taken in 2015

Now that I have officially hit 35 years of age, I feel that getting a grip on my health is of great importance if I am going to live a long vibrant life. I don't want to be the old person who is miserable from unnecessary body system decay. I know I'll never look like I did at 25 years of age, but I do plan on keeping people guessing about my chronological age. Thankfully, my mental age is progressing and improving my sense of well-being. 

I have a sound mind that is connected

to a 13-year-old face! Yeah~

What is your experience with detox or birth control? 
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