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I grew up in Duxbury, Massachusetts which is a beautiful coastal town just north of Plymouth Rock and south of Boston about 40 miles. I was adopted from Korea when I was 4.5 years old to a caucasian couple that provided wonderfully for me financially. The rest of my life was filled with music (piano,violin, cello and some guitar, Show Choir, quartet, Full Orchestra) and writing. Those two areas filled the void in my life that was left from being the over-motivated student. This blog means a lot to me because my parents told me that I was a horrible writer. While, I might not be the best writer (I feel due to my late learning of English), I fill my blog with sincere conviction and revelations as I progress through my thirties. I told myself that I wasn't going to let my parental curse stop me from doing probably one of the most therapeutic activities that I've been drawn to as long as I can remember. I'm a Christian who is married to an Agnostic husband and we get along (these days) very well. I feel that the best Christian out there is the one who embraces people of other faiths as that is what Jesus called us to do. I am the only person under 50 in my prayer group at church- my round table so to speak. I lean on God to be my "father" as I have been lacking in that area of my life. I have a life filled with activities and therapies due to my issues and my families issues (blended and special needs). But it's from those things that I get most of my content for this blog. So- in a way, I am so thankful that I can tackle the dark parts of my life on a weekly basis. I really have no bitterness, unforgivenness or hate in my heart. So no worries about me blazing in my posts. I am blessed to say that I've been able to go back to my country of birth twice. I've reunited with my biological family (for the most part) and feel like God has given me a gift where I have many other voids in my life. It's a mixed bag- but a bag that I treasure. Thank you for spending time on my blog. I am open to your questions, comments and suggestions.

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