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Friday, May 9, 2014

Broke Down

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Why am I the only one who's Happy?

I've tacitly asked God: "How come I am not depressed and unhappy like a large portion of humanity?"

Today, I found myself in tears...

but not about me.

It came clear to me that God wanted me to feel light of spirit so that I could be more open to identifying with other people's pain. So that instead of nursing my own wounds, I could minister to others. I'm not trying to sound like I'm a trained pastor or anything. Still, I feel like God is calling me to reach out to others so that I can be next to them in their pain and help them move through it.

I cried for the first time in a while. Suddenly, I was crying for people who previously misjudged me or wronged me and all I felt was their pain. The effects of conflict had vanished from my heart. I felt totally open to feeling their emotional burden. I didn't have all the details of their woes, I know the dark things of this world.

It's just sobering and touching to see people who once hurt me as hurting. It went further than that. All I had to do was think about a person (some hadn't done anything to me) and I felt brought to tears. I felt overcome with how I would have felt if I had to deal with just the part that I KNOW of their lives.

It was overwhelming. But at the same time, I felt intimate with them (from a distance). They probably didn't even know I was thinking about them. But, I was thinking about them. And everything is fine; there is peace again.

As the tears stopped flowing, I found myself in conversation with God. I felt love flooding into my heart where the pain vacated. I felt compelled to give the world a big bear hug, despite the fact that I'm practically a midget! LOL

Over days and days of reading and responding to your comments, I realized that though this blog world is semi-anonymous, yet it is comforting to know that we are not in it alone. We can deny that others are in it with us. But the reality is- we are in it together-- we just need to connect. We are more alike than we could imagine. All of the prejudice and stereotypes cannot take away the fact that we are all human and all squat. (sheepish grin)

It is such a blessing that I no longer cry for myself. I feel infinitely lighter and ridiculously, unbelievably blessed. 

Thank you for reading. It's thrilling to know that our lives have overlapped in "frame of reference" as you read this post. 

Do you have any reflections? Prayers? Happy thoughts? 
Please share!

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