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Saturday, May 17, 2014

God is the settler, we're the reachers

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Based on: How I Met Your Mother

It occurred to me the other day that this one "premise" could change the way I approach my relationship with God. 


If I choose to think of God and my relationship with him from the perspective that I am the reacher (towards God), it could be life-changing. I would pray more often; I would have more drive to "die to myself"; I would develop a deeper calling to minister to my family as well as my community; and it would make me entirely more humble than I am now.

I spend so much time rejecting much of media for it's lack of Christian themes. But recently, I've found it important to "dig" for the ways the shows can translate into my walk of faith. I can watch Supernatural through the filter of my faith. I can watch How I Met Your Mother and increase my faith. It's an active process.

I remember before taking my philosophy elective classes, I asked God to appear in my studies. I prayed that I'd have a stronger faith through his presence in my studies. He even "appeared" in the commencement speech last week. He has been faithful to that request-- to me, the reacher!

Imagine if we looked at our family members that way. Imagine if we looked at our friends and community members that way. How would we navigate conflicts if we viewed others as the settlers? [Not to denigrate our value in ourselves, but to elevate the other person.] From the example that Jesus- the king of Kings, washed his disciples feet. That is not to say that Jesus was demoting himself, but to give a gesture of value and service to his protege. 

So today, I decided to look at God as the settler and I'm the reacher. I will report back at how my life has changed from this shift in perspective and attitude. Thank you for reading this portal into my mind. Blessings to you and your families.

How do you think this concept works in individualist societies versus collectivist societies? What's your take on elevating your fellow man? Please comment below and join the discussion!


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