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Friday, May 30, 2014

You're being Used

I Know You Did that Sweet Thing This Summer...   ^_^


 I think that God uses EVERYBODY to do his good work...

especially the ones that don't "believe" in him...

to humble his followers.  =)


You are why this world has something good to offer. You're the reason why that person smiled. You're the reason why that person didn't "go through with it" (YKWIM, I don't have to say that dark word).  You're the reason why that person felt relieved.

I want to know what you did or what you experienced that made you feel "the good in the world."   P.L.E.A.S.E.?



If nothing else, please read through these if 

you're having a downer kind of day.



Post your random act of kindness that you gave or received



Post your answered Prayer




We need to read, see, hear more good that is happening in our world. How else are we going to overcome this tough life (or moments)? I think if you "hear" it from me, it will be like hearing it from your parents. BUT- if you "hear" it from someone else, it could really impact you in a beautiful way. I want to be a beautiful part of your precious day.

{ Your Two Cents }

If you would like to comment, go ahead. But please, post something on my forum. I want to see YOU on my blog. =)



Thank you for reading. Many Blessings to you~

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