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Friday, May 16, 2014

Do you know who to blame?

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If you believe in them,

you're off the hook!

Because of Adam and Eve, we have our "first cause" 

of all our family inequities.

        If  we want to know where our blaming nature came from, go to the Book of Genesis and the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden. They had a perfect life. They walked among God. They had provisional immortality. They got to be naked 24/7! They had no shame. No wants. They had the life! 

       After Satan, tempted Eve to eat of the apple, leading Adam to do the same, the first occurrence and deflection of fault (blame) happened. Accusations flew as to who was to blame. The only happy source of that chaos was Satan himself.

       Because of the transgression against God, their son Cain killed his brother Abel. Because Cain killed Abel, X, Y, Z....

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 Because of Adam and Eve, we can extend mercy and

grace toward others and ourselves. 


We no longer have to look for who to blame. We don't have to cast judgement on each other. Our father's father's father and so on hurt the younger generation. Go back as far as you want but the real reason why we are warped by our parents and each other is because of Adam and Eve.

Now we can look at each other as hurting souls. Sure, they misjudged me, but knowing "x" about their lives, it makes sense that they'd have problems with trust. Once we find commonness in each other's pain, we no longer have to vilify each other. It is the human condition to be so broken. 

We can minister to each other more than we hurt each other. Sure, there will always be pain, but we can be "sweet relief" to our fellow man. We can't shut the world out without warping the way we understand ourselves.We must live among each other.

It is far better to make healers out of each other than enemies. The next time someone hurts you, consider thinking about Adam and Eve and see if it makes a difference in the way you interpret the conflict. If that is a stretch, consider aiming to forgive. It won't be long until we will need to be forgiven. 
Thank you for reading! This the idea behind this post has been on my heart for a while now. If you can't blame it on Adam and Eve, what do you do with your pain? Do you have other advice? Please share in the comments below! Blessings~

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