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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Uncanny Timing

After the last video I took on the National Day of Prayer...

Unexpected Blessing: Video Update

Just as I was thinking we ran out of funds to send me to finish my undergraduate degree, I got great news. University of Phoenix called to tell me that I was awarded the full scholarship that I applied for. I assumed that my chances of getting the money were slim due to the high number of applications.

Other great news:  
The main thing that attracted me to my husband was his dedication to his boys and his family. Yesterday, he found round trip tickets for under $100 so he can visit his side of the family in California at the end of the month. He wants to be there for his brother who is about to be a first time father any day now. Plus, he will be bringing our Gabriel to spend time with the family too. I'm excited for them to see Gabriel as a little person instead of blob. =)

Uncertain times, or are they?
There was a moment of insecurity about our funds. The kind of insecurity you feel if you don't rest your faith on God's provision. We had spent thousands of dollars to fix our three automobiles. We could afford to be thankful to have 3 paid off cars that we could pay the repair bill without much suffering.

We are planning on selling one of the vehicles and our motorcycle in the coming months to replenish what we spent. But really, if our funds were so prohibitive, and if the circumstances were so tough, we wouldn't have found or bought cheap tickets. And, I wouldn't have received the free scholarship. 

Past actions saved us today:
Ever since we got the windfall of money a few years back, we took care of our "financial house." I was determined not to operate in financial despair any longer. I stashed away money that, not surprisingly, came in handy for those recent repairs. So things are not as bad as they seem.

God was testing my faith and now we are having a full turn around in our life. I feel so blessed. I talked to an old neighbor of ours today and even she attested to how far my husband and I have come in just four years. I attribute it all to God and his faithfulness to us.

We have beaten so many odds. 
We've looked the beast straight in the eyes and didn't flinch. We went THROUGH the storm and now things seem to be doing a full turn around. Things that filled me with fear and anxiety no longer have a grip on me. Many of those things have resolved themselves.

I've learned that hindsight is our gift from God to see how much we have been blessed and cared for by him. Today, I wonder if that family by the Safeway will see my husband (in their hindsight) as blessing them with some spare cash. Though not a "believer," he is repeatedly an instrument of God. He is a very generous guy who wants to do the right thing even if life hasn't been so easy on him. He is such an inspiration to me!

Ultimately, I walk forward in life knowing that I'm under the care of a Powerful, Faithful and Everloving God. The more life comes together for me the more I know I am in line with his will as he promises in the Bible. When we submit to his will and vision for our lives, he will use us for great things. I'm on an amazing ride.

Like I mentioned in the video clip, I'm astounded by your comments and interaction with me. I will continue to scout your businesses and blogs also. Please keep us in your prayers and keep the good karma coming. I am blessed by your readership~ Would you kindly leave a comment about what you like about my blog layout and what I could improve? Thank you!

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Have a strawberry margarita for me! =)

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