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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

You're not asking too much

You Aren't Asking Too Much

Some days I just want to spend time with the childhood version of me to set some things straight. We're groomed to expect perfection out of each other and ourselves, but we are looking for the impossible. Should we like being yelled at? No. Is it realistic that we won't get yelled at ever? No

That's why I'd go back and say- sure, people let you down - they probably even hurt you - but they were bound to do it at least SOME of the time. We shouldn't give up on people because they aren't perfect. We don't need to resent them for being fallible (as they are fashioned to be). 

It's not asking too much to ask people to endure your imperfect self. They can't realistically mine the good parts out of you without disturbing some of the flawed parts.

It's not asking too much to have someone sit with you through a storm. You are not entitled to hurt others with your ugly feelings. But that doesn't mean they can't be there for you while you try to sort it out the best you can. It's called transparency.

It's not asking too much to have someone see you for who you could be instead of who you are right now. A true friend or family member will do their best to see your potential. It is a reflection of the value they see in you. It speaks to their knowledge that you, and they, are not done evolving. 

It's not asking too much to ask someone to take your burden for a short period.  We all need a break from things that overwhelm us. Being "burnt out" is not a badge of honor but of misuse. Special needs caretakers are encouraged to "tap out"  before they have nothing left to give in favor of getting respite care for their charges. 

It's not asking too much of your loved one to hear your complaints. [I'm referring to Pastor Jimmy Evans' message on allowing your spouse to complain.]  As long as we are not attacking the other person and speaking to our feelings, a healthy relationship allows both sides to complain and decompress. If only one side gets to complain, the imbalance is a red flag.

As I have pictured, I did my first ever 5K with my husband (boyfriend at that time). It fits this post so well because in a relationship, we are embarking on a journey that requires sweat and commitment. I remember running some of the way and walking some of the way. But, I finished. I plan on going many more lengths in life to prove over and over again to my husband that I am in it for the long haul, through the rough patches. That- is not asking too much [of me]. 

Did I miss anything that "is not asking too much" that you'd put on your list? Please share in the comments. Thank you so much for reading. Blessings to  you and your family!


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