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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Childlike Belief + Updates

Hi There~

Birthday Highlights...

 B.I.B- Breakfast in Bed: 

Husband went to Commissary to surprise me with a special breakfast. Too bad I noticed the stuff stashed behind other stuff in the freezer. Poor husband- I accidentally noticed the stuff but I didn't connect the dots. So all was not lost. =) 

Movie Tavern Lunch: 

Watched the perfect movie for me. I ate macaroni and cheese with chicken finger bites. I was in "that" kind of mood, apparently.


Beautiful Day at the Park:

Tested out my birthday gift, #SamsungNX2000, at the park. My subjects were my husband, older son and baby son. It was slow going at first but then ended on a fun, positive note.

Dinner at the Dusty Boot: 

Do you have those in your area? Try it out if you do. They have really good food. We always go on Mondays because our local one has B1G1 deals on steaks. Heck Yeah~ So, I ordered prime rib, my favorite. 

Cake with Gabriel:

We had dessert with the kids so we could celebrate Gabriel's 1st birthday. I shared a cheesecake with him with the standard number 1 on it. He didn't like touching the cake and wanted us to spoon feed it to him. (understandable) He didn't quite understand why he was supposed to rip at the wrapping paper on his present. Next year will be totally different. The cheesecake (#SamsClub) was tasty. I prefer cheesecake. I've even made cheesecake in the slow cooker with some success. It's so high in calories. 

{ So That's a Wrap! }

Assuming you were interested, that was the overview of my and my son's birthday. I hope you can give me some photography pointers for my new camera! =) This is a #behindtheblog look into who I am so you can get to know me a little bit better. I hope you're having a wonderful week so far.

{ Your Two Cents }

What was your #bestbirthday so far? What was the highlight that made it special? Please share in the comments section below! If you have a blog post, I invite you to link it to this page. 
Blessings to you and your family~  


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