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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Words with Friends (WWF) Prompt [2] 4/2/14

I've decided that I've been too serious and so now, I'm doing a series of posts based on my Words with Friends high score words.  #WWF from now on. 

I will write something fairly short and hopefully humorous about the word. If you'd like to play with me, invite me to play "Meredith Suh". 

My Korean family name is "Suh" and since "Meredith Elizabeth" was already spoken for, I just went with it. There- you know a little more about me with still a lot of mystery left.


[KE]TONE, J[E]T, [K]I: K, E tiles, 29pts

I know 29 points is not so impressive, but I also helped my husband play the word "zygote" for 46pts! Pat on my own back for helping a guy out. (wink)


To be honest, I never really heard of ketones until I noticed "Raspberry Ketones" on sale as one of the newest diet supplement out there. According to WebMd, ketones can be very bad for our health, especially those who have diabetes. I am glad I was not too lured by the claims on those bottles. Now, green coffee beans... that peaked my curiosity because I love my coffee!

I did lose a bunch of weight (about 55lbs in 5 months) due to pregnancy. I didn't take any metabolism supplements. I did mostly intermittent fasting. I did it very strictly for a while. And these days, back in my skinny jeans (ok, you can hate me) I have loosened up on my eating parameters. I feel lean to the touch- not skin and bones. My husband has never been so happy with my appearance. Phew, I was pretty worried there after gaining so much during pregnancy for Gabriel!

Here is the video that shows what I did other than intermittent fasting:

Here are all of my WWF posts...

#WordsWithFriends #WWFPrompt

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