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Monday, April 7, 2014

Banish the monkey that does everything he sees

We have a plethora of horrible examples in life. The only way not to do what we see and not to repeat the bad examples of our younger years is to lean on the Lord through a relationship with Jesus, or through a relationship with your "Higher Power." Whatever you call the force that is greater that you...

If we want excuses; they will always be there for us to default on. "My mother did X." "My dad never X with us."  [Insert your own mantra.] Yet all of those remarks only serve to perpetuate bad examples and pass on pain to future generations. If we can have honest eyes to admit our wrong behaviors; we know that we cannot rely on the examples we were given to do life the right way. We need to do life the right way not just for ourselves, but for the future generations of monkeys to come.

We are good at being bad examples. We are good at being hypocrites. It's part of the human frailty. That is why, if we are truly in the business of doing things right, we must lean on another "source." I'm not suggesting that once we find this source, we will be perfect and so too will be our future generations. There is still a lot of free will to factor in. But if you care to open your mind to a infallible source, try God (or whatever religious figurehead you lean toward).

When you train your eyes on that infallible source, you can banish that mindless monkey from your life. But more than that; our eyes actually play a huge roll on our lives in terms of what we let in from the environment to our minds. Lack of ocular stimulation can actually impede brain development. So it's very important to filter what we see and avoid looking at things that are bad for our minds and brains. Our orbital region is fairly low in our skull and is foundational for developing higher regions of our brain from the perspective that the brain develops from the bottom up. Mirror neurons allow our brains to "learn" things we see without even doing them from experience. They operate by  turning that visual information into knowledge.

I digress. Once we train our eyes on honorable and worthwhile things, we will be more likely to copy those behaviors. Then we can stop beating ourselves up for making mistakes. We can be at peace knowing that we will never be perfect; but that we are pursuing the right way of living and relating to each other as humans. Our future generations will thank us. Or at the very least, they will be better off.

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