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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Accidental Story, "I am that gal" & I hope to hear from you!

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If you have a few minutes, please view my video which is the topic for my post today.

I had a very non-glorious day. If anything special was going to happen, my chips were not stacked on this calendar day. I was dreading it for it's busyness. And since I'm honest, I'll divulge that part of that dread because the day wasn't going to be filled with my type of activities. I woke up selfish and a sinner.

The to do list of the day:

  • Cook
  • Clean
  • Have Baby Throw-up on me
  • Pick up trash
  • Pick up dog droppings
  • Write a Physics report

I told you this was no special day in the works

But God would have it that nestled in-between those tasks within the fabric of that time, was the makings of relational resonance. Resonance is in my mind because I've been reading about sound and light waves in my textbook. But who doesn't like resonance... with another person? It felt so strange to be close to my daughter (8.5yrs) and enjoy her company. There was no complaining (about picking up poop! Whereas, she complained that her sandwich wasn't sliced all the way through. LOL). She did not talk about her friends. I didn't talk about my stuff. 

We were in the same moment in time resonating in the mundane. I've taken her out to lunch at fancy places and we've never shared time like today. Go figure! I didn't schedule that magic. I didn't expect it to happen. And yet it did happen all on its own. It was a beautiful hour of meandering around our back hard picking up trash and dog truffles. Even the baby let us sleep through that whole process!

All of this makes me think that we humans are doing ourselves a disservice to our families by not doing the mundane together: cooking, cleaning, landscaping. The magic of having a common goal mixed with no other agendas sets the stage for relationship building.  The more husbands and wives would do in tandem might just make their marriages solid.

That is actually something I've never done: tandem biking! I've wanted to do that for the longest time. Every time I see a couple doing that I imagine it being a great experience and feel as if I'm missing out. Have any of you done tandem biking? Tandem sky diving? Please comment below about that experience. I'm curious!

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