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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Where's the proof?

Things to ask yourself if you are in that ditch: 

  • Does this person have the right tools to help you?
  • Is this person in a position to help?
  • Is this person willing to feel discomfort to help you?

    Keep your eyes wide open when it comes to your own welfare. Don't disregard conflicting impressions. Find the right help. Once you're out of that ditch, God wants you to become available to do the same for someone else. You're going to get through this! 

    If ever you have a special prayer request, send it my way and I'll pray over it for you. Many times I bring the prayers to the prayer group at church and everybody will join me in your plea. I have seen and experienced the power of prayer! It's available to everyone- including non-Christians.

    Thank you for reading~ You can attach your prayer requests if you feel led to. 

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