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Friday, April 4, 2014

Coolest Dog Ever

Bella- 1 yr old
December 18, 2012

This is the dog that makes my Husband jealous. Back when we got her as a puppy, I was too paranoid that the landlord would find out about her to really enjoy her and seal the memories in my head. She was a hellion like most puppies. But we've come a long way- she and I.

My husband surprised me with an early Valentine's Day Canine Present in 2012. I figured he wanted to wait until his elderly dog died. But, being the pleaser and dream bringer, he found and gave me my most wanted kind of dog. I wanted a Great Pyrenees dog since I was first introduced to them in my early twenties. I worked in a flower shop and these two GP's walked in with their majestic fur and didn't break a thing despite their size.

Bella is actually half Great Pyrenees and half Saint Bernard which is why she has dark patches. My beloved Italian uncle had a Saint Bernard named Dominic while I was growing up. He was a great dog that warmed me up to the breed. Bella is the best of both breeds and is absolutely gorgeous (despite the horrible angle of this picture, wink). When I brush her, she has the loveliest patches and her fur feels like hair with an undercoat. Her tail has very course hairs that are as long as my finger span in some places.

Since we got Falkor (our newest dog), Bella is displaying some new behaviors that I never saw in her before. She is turning out to be a sweetly jealous dog and rightly claims me by laying over me. I've had a lot of fun sharing my sweet potatoes with her. She gets to lick my dinner plates clean and has enough manners to not breathe on the table.

She sleeps in our spa style bath tub which seems to be "her size." that is the one place where younger Falkor won't bother her. She sleeps very soundly in there. On hot summer days I'll spritz her with water to help her cool down. Otherwise, she'll lay down on the bricks in front of the unused fireplace.

I hope you like the photo story about my favorite dog! Is this the first time you've heard of the Great Pyrenees breed? She is amazing with the kids. She calmed down a lot around 18 months of age. I guess that's pretty normal for all dogs. Do you have a post about your dog that you want to link to mine? Add it to my comments section after your comment. =)

Best wishes to you and your family canine(s)!

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