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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter as a blended family and foibles

I promise that if you watch this video you will laugh multiple times!



I wanted to give you an idea of how we spent our Easter... 

as an imperfect, blended family.

  1. Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Cheese & Bacon with Resurrection Rolls made of Peeps rolled inside croisants
  2. Decorating Eggs: Monster style with stickers
  3. Egg hunt in the back yard, inside for Gabriel and his 4 eggs.
  4. Ham Dinner with Mashed Potatoes and vegetables

What was not on the agenda:
  • Kids whining
  • Cracked Eggs
  • Kids taking forever to find eggs
  • No Baby nap
My biggest bummer was having to write a Physics Lab and redoing a part of it ON the holiday. Minor blooper was the thing I mentioned in the video. I disappointed my family! It was such an easy thing I don't know how I could have messed that up.

The point of the whole day was to realize that we are all sinners and fall short of perfection. Jesus was the perfect sacrifice and payed the price for our salvation. I was so thankful to have my family with me (minus V. but he also had a great Easter elsewhere). It was such a blessing to share Easter with my baby son for the first time. He is named after the Archangel. He is God's gift to our blended family-- tying us all together. We are so so blessed.

Any unexpected things happen during your Easter or Passover? Please share in the comment box below! Thank you for watching/reading!   


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