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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bursting with ideas

Today I met with my friend and it dawned on me that I've known her for a while and it was only today that I asked her about her passion. The back story is that she has mentioned to me that she would love to talk about this with her spouse, but he is of few words and uninterested. I realized I've been looking as uninterested as her husband of many years. You can only imagine how her eyes lit up when I asked her. She also suggested something for us to do another day so that she can tell me more about her life work! 

So, aside from feeling like a bad friend to her; what am I missing that would give my blog some spark?

What are your ideas? Do you want to see anything
on my blog that I haven't covered yet? Please
share in the comment box below or
contact me privately on G+.

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