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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful June 26

1. We went to the Renaissance Festival for the first time. I was a little anxious because taking 3 kids to the grocery store is a headache, why not a huge festival with thousands of people and ornate things to look at? Well, the joke was (pleasantly) on me! We had an awesome time we spent almost 6 hours at that place. Gabriel slept for 2 of those hours. The kids were well behaved. It rained but we stuck it out. We ate turkey legs, strawberry Italian ice in orange halves and some "adult" drinks. We saw a fire eater, sword swallower and a swashbuckling performance of "pirates.

2. Dinner at Los Dos Portrillos: After the Ren Fest, we said "heck, that went well enough, how about we finish the day at Dad's fav Mexican Restaurant in Colorado?" We went, we ate, we conquered the fear of eating out with 3 kids. Even Gabe at 13 months, ate his heart out of chicken, taco meat and rice and beans. Our bellies were full and no complaints. The heavens must have opened up on this particular day. =)

3. Gabriel found sure footing on this particular day last week. We were waiting for brother to finish his speech therapy. We were "camped out" on the lady's front yard. Gabriel zoomed around on the grass, over the sidewalk and examined the trees from his new vantage point. We shared a lollipop and had a relaxing time. It went by fast and it was a beautiful day.

4. Robert and I had a spectacular night where we did pretty much everything we've wanted to do in the span of time that we normally have but never accomplish that much. So we worked out, played Titan Quest Immortal Throne, helped the kids read, read this book together and had some private time. I wish all work nights could go this well. What is with the great "run" my family's been having? Knock on wood that it keeps coming...

5. We bought a kicking/punching bag off of Craigslist. The one time the seller is nearly down-the-street.  Robert and I have worked out together a few times already using it. Try roundhouse kick followed by side kick without putting your kicking foot down! Feel it in the obliques. Reminds me of the days of being a TKD assistant instructor. I was taking gymnastics for a little while too. I had this insane notion that I could get into aerial Taekwondo. That ship has sailed a loooooooong time ago. =)

6. Kids are done with school as of June 20 for my daughter. She finished 2 weeks later than my son who is in the above picture. I can't believe I have a now 3rd and 7th grader! Where are the grey hairs hiding? Oh wait, they haven't started high school yet. That's when it will happen. =)  My new challenge is to get them to retain their reading and math skills over the summer. On top of that challenge, my daughter will be away with her dad for half that timespan. 

7. No Getting Up early for morning insanity. It get's old living according to a timer and alarm clock. It makes me appreciate when kids do what they're supposed to on their own without reminders. Yes, I know. It seldom happens. But when it does, I'll put it on my thankful list!
8. I checked my Starbucks Rewards account by chance and was notified that I had a Birthday Reward to redeem. Sweet! It was going to expire in 2 days. I'm so thankful I accidentally found out that I could get a free one!

9.  Sexy push ups. Well, I'm not going to say much more. We were clothed and laughing. We're trying to make the most of our workouts. We want to have fun and entertain each other. Meanwhile, Gabriel drooled on us. It was good for laughs

10. I cashed in my MOO.COM perk off of The business cards came out really nice. Now, just to give them out...

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