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Sunday, June 15, 2014

10 things of Thankful June 15

My Week Inventory of Blessings:

(1, 2) Husband has been doing his double dipping with his job and so I have double blessings because of that. We are getting double the paycheck and my husband has been getting home 2 hours earlier. It was an adjustment to my usual routine, but it was a good reason to switch things around in my day so I could maximize that extra time with him. 

(4) While we're on the subject of time schedules, my son finished school the first week of June, so this past week I've been able to get up 30 minutes later since my daughter's school starts later. And when she's done with 2nd grade, I'll have even more relaxing mornings.

(8, 9) I had my first try at publishing a guest post on Tuesday and Wednesday. My posts for Catt [1] and [2] got gracious responses from my audience. I also got to meet fellow blogger and Coloradan,  Kathe with an E for dinner at Village Inn. She runs a blog based on her eye for table-scapes. She also has a weekly link up that I mention on my link up page and runs a blogging group on Facebook. Outside of that she has a full time job! It was a wonderful opportunity to learn about a precious soul. So funny that we discovered each other online despite how close we live in the same town. What a small world!

(3, 6, 7) We were blessed to find a new babysitter for our baby Gabriel. She has kids around the same ages of our three (in home). So with this new babysitter, the four of us went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I won't dispense any spoilers, but I think it was a crafty and attention grabbing action movie. I got to stop by the Korean store to restock dried mushrooms, prepared foods, fish cake, rice cake and red pepper paste. The red pepper paste is nothing like the red pepper paste that my mother grew, cooked and shipped to me back in 2011. I miss my mom in Korea. She has a hard life but has a heart of gold.

(5, 10) I know that Gabriel is not the only baby that shares, but it is just so sweet to see his eyes light up with satisfaction when we let him feed us. He really understands that life is a shared experience. From the first days he was alive, I've rubbed my head against his as an affectionate gesture. When he was about 3 months old he started doing it back to us. This kid has stolen my heart (and my birthday!) And today, for Father's Day it feels so good to honor my husband for the way he has helped nurture our son Gabriel into a vivacious, smart and loving boy.

My heart goes out to all of you who are missing your families and fathers due to distance or passing. I hope you had a special day celebrating the fathers in your life. Thank you for peering into my life with the lens of thanks. Many blessings to you~

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