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Monday, June 9, 2014

God Twerk

Clash of Cultures


Definition of God Twerk: 

v. Doing God's Work with 

Enthusiastic Movements




Google Definitions:


I know it seems risky to address something that I find to be very hard to embrace in the "modern culture." Even the New York Times and the Oxford Dictionary are giving it attention. To me it is a sign of the times, and it gives me a sick feeling. 

I am a Christian and know that twerking does not honor his creation in his image (us). Yet, I am even more appalled for the mother in me. Already, my 8.5yo is dancing (not twerking yet, G*d help her!) with hip thrusts. Lucky us, that these popular songs and accompanying music videos have many sexual moves for impressionable youth to imitate and for drunk barely legal adults to try on for size.

Even conservative countries like S. Korea, has a popular habit of imitating music video dance sequences. I'm not trying to tell people what they should prefer, but there is certainly a new dimension to it when we do it in the public eye. In my humble opinion, (I can't bare to say/type the word)  it is a poor use of the beautiful human body.

Future Thinking

Thinking back, many people have been relieved that their boyfriend*girlfriend or husband*wife "practiced" relationships with others before them. [SAID NO ONE- EVER] When future employers go online and see people posing for pictures "in position," they have more reason to hire said poser. [SAID NO EMPLOYER- EVER] As far as I can tell, expert mistake maker that I am, doing "it" in public or plastered online is not a wise choice. We don't want to have it haunting us for the rest of our lives.

I wonder what my kids will do. Will they honor themselves, me as their parent and God as their Creator Lord? I wonder if they can find a way to God twerk rather than the meaning Google and Oxford Dictionary lent to it for the rest of time. Thankfully this spell-check is rejecting the word quite readily. If only the world would do the same.  

Are words ever removed from a dictionary?


God, I ask that you infuse within us a desire for honoring behavior. I ask that you share with us your wisdom, grace and perfect love. Usher us to you for redemption. You alone, will never forsake us. Thank you for all that you do. Amen

Thank you for humoring my new "definition." Maybe I can get it entered into the Oxford Dictionary. Do you have anything to add, like two pennies? The "slot" is in the comment box.


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