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Monday, June 30, 2014

A Plan, not Plan A

Perhaps, I give up to easily (at least compared to my husband). He will spend hours hell-bent on going or accomplishing what he set out to do. That being said, his frustration threshold is considerably lower than mine. It takes more to make me throw in the towel than him from situation to situation. 
I was noticing that there were some things that seemed to ruin our plans that turned out to work out probably better than the way we had envisioned it. I have learned to make inconveniences (to my plan) into opportunities for growth in unselfish ways.

Let's face it, Plan A is all about us. "A Plan" is about how the future fits in the big scheme of things. If my original plan was to wake up at one time, take care of both school aged kids at one time and have them leave the house at the same time, then that wouldn't be what was granted to me.

In reality that is exactly what happened to me. My Plan A was never in store for me because my one child was in traditional school calendar and the other one was in the year round calendar. On top of that, the daily schedule was off also. My son started school 1 hour earlier than my daughter. So, I was getting up earlier (depending on the way you look at it) than I would have if they both went to school at the later time.

I decided that this was a great opportunity to have one on one time with them every morning before school. Well, that didn't even happen all the time. The thing that never changed was that I was available to spend one on one time with them. Sometimes they used their time in a different manner. But that was on them, not me.

And again, this summer, my daughter will be gone with her dad for about a month. Rather than pining over her, I'm deciding ahead of time to take that prime opportunity to spend more quality time with my special needs son. Funny how the "universe" will shift to make some things possible.

Who uses a pacifier that way?!

Even today, my baby Gabriel decided that I shouldn't be on the computer. He kept turning it off on me until I just decided to leave it off. I went down stairs to do something unplanned. I got more done than if I had finished whatever it was that I was trying to do in the first place. I can't even remember what that was.

Yet again, a bit later, I was supposed to keep the kids away from dad so he could take a call. Instead of feeling inconvenienced, I decided to let my baby roam around my feet while I serenaded my other son while he took hours to eat dinner. I was able to do something that I've been wanting to do more often just because I had to adjust my original plan.

So I'm beginning to expect from these twists and turns in the immediate futures of my life that good things are around those corners. That unplanned stuff can work out just as good or better than what my more selfish plans. So, "plan A" is not necessarily better than "a plan" that usually takes place.

I'm learning to take the hint and embrace it. It only took me 30 years of life to get over it. (wink) 

Have you ever thought about this? Is there anything I left out? Please add your two cents in the comments box below. Thank you for reading and many blessings~

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