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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Creative Whimsy Prompt [1]: 9 Fantasy Cubes

Flexing my Creative Muscles

 Roll & Play Style #1

Roll all nine at one time, start with a cube that grabs your attention and string the cubes together as you build your story.

As long as I can remember, I have not had a good creative mind. I never played dolls much because I didn't have the colloquial imagination. Perhaps that is why I have a problem with art also. I can draw things I see (not well) but forget trying to draw something from my imagination. I don't see a "whole picture."

I don't know why I am this way. I feel deficient. Many Asian people are gifted at drawing and the like. It skipped over me! I don't know what to attribute this lack of skill to. This is the only area in my life I feel like I could never get better at, at least visually.

But, with writing and artificial imagination stimulation, I might be able to improve. Ultimately, I just wanted to have a way of building writing skill without making you want to poke your eyes out due to my intense writing.

I bought these cubes with my kids in mind. I wanted something that I could play with my kids and something that would at the same time help my son develop language while practicing. I think I'll have my kids play this with me and then write their own short story based on the game to keep their reading and writing skills over the summer break. What are you doing to keep your children's brains going over the school break?

So in addition to my Words With Friends Writing Prompt posts,  I will periodically do Rory Story Cubes to hopefully entertain you. =) Feel free to add your version in the comments below using my order or the order of your choosing. Knock my socks off!

One night, the moon came up while I was counting sheep. As I fell asleep, I had a dream that I was on a plane that followed the path of a rainbow. At the other side of the rainbow wasn't the pot of gold as promised, but there WAS an alien.

The alien's name was Widget. [That is what I call my 3.5yo self because I had a huge head and a small body. The orphanage even wrote into my orphan profile that my head was unusually big but they "suspected" I'd grow into it. LOL] Widget said that he would grant me one wish.

I asked him to turn me into a turtle, of all things. I've never had a turtle in my whole life. But after that one wish that he granted, Widget took over my dream. From there on out, he took me to places I never thought I'd go. He put me in contact with things that I thought were only fairy tales.

Fooling me into thinking I had control, he then wisked me away to the Trevi Fountain in Rome. [I've been to Italy once in my life. It was a field trip my senior year in high school with my Latin class. Awesome trip. Our tour-guide was "Hamish" from England. Let me just say, teen crush. LOL]  

As I got my turtle bearings in the fountain, I had to dodge the lire coins (before the Euro currency), and the wrinkled fingers of the children grabbing for me in the fountain. It took some getting used to. It felt like a version of Super Mario Brother's underwater world adventures. Lucky for my hard shell, the coins didn't hurt me.

The further I got away from the fingers and coins, in a calm pocket of the fountain, between the underwater disturbances from the falling water, I saw something orange and black. For some reason, this thing, unrecognizable at this point, was not moving. I couldn't tell if it was an inanimate object or another living thing that could survive under water.

As I paddled nearer to it with my turtle paws, I saw that it was a fish. It was Nemo, in fact! He was staying there as still as possible so that the children wouldn't jump into the fountain  to take him home. I was stunned with disbelief. All I could mutter was, "How did you get into this fountain, Nemo?"

I don't know how I could talk to Nemo since I figured we had two different languages, but he told me a tale... That Geppetto went on a voyage to find him to make a friend and pet for Pinocchio. He was put in the Trevi Fountain until he had a new tank to live in at Geppetto's house. Nemo was waiting for Pinocchio to return from buying a new tank for him in the nearby market.

On second thought, I don't think I saw Nemo at all, it must have been that shape-shifting alien named Widget. By the time I figured out that Nemo was really Widget, I woke up the next day. It was such a random story, I bet it's hard for you to believe!

Actually, it was just the cubes... =) 

So what did you think? Did you like that I blended fact with fiction? Do you have an interest in doing this with me? Thank you for reading! Blessings to you~

FYI: I bought these cubes myself and this is NOT a review. I have no affiliation with the company that produces this game. I do, however, think they are onto something grand!  #rorystorycubes

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