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Sunday, June 8, 2014

10 Things of Thankful June 8

My Thought Life: Thankfulness

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I suppose I talk a good game...

I wouldn't blame you if you got the feeling like I'm the last fixer-upper on my mind. That is far from the truth. But I am aware of the fact that some people would not know if I was putting my words into practice and taking other astute advice from other bloggers. So, it's not that I haven't practiced thankfulness throughout my life, it hasn't been a huge theme in my blog.

So I decided to join this blog thread as the evidence. My mindset is that I came from nothing and will go out with nothing. Everything that I've had between those two points have been a huge blessing. I have not expected much from this life, and yet it continues to bring new blessings my way. 

A Story

The first thing I remember feeling thankful for was as a foster child in Korea. My foster mother was kind but her two biological children were mean to me. I already felt worthless because my own family left me. It was a struggle to go through days not knowing if my life would improve, trying to understand how I lost everything in the matter of minutes.

One day, my foster mother gave me a plastic kids gardening set. I'm guessing that it was for my birthday. I remember feeling so happy, perhaps the first time in ages (to a mere 4 yr old). Then, the other two kids bullied me and took one of the tools of the set from me. I spent the rest of the day crying in the rice closet. 

Arriving in America

The first thing I was thankful for when I came to America was meeting a Korean cabby, of all the ones who were available, outside of  JFK airport. He spoke to me in Korean reassuring me I would be okay here and that the Americans would take good care of me. I finished off the night having 2 full plates of roast beef dinner. Who knows the last time I had meat... Do orphans "get" to have that expensive stuff?

So anyways, I remember being thankful as much as I could. I remember being thankful that I had stuff of my own to give away as parting gifts to friends that I met in Canada since "leaving home." It's hard for me to take anything for granted. I annoy my husband with my resilience. That is the survivor in me.

 Thank you for reading. I hope you join me in this practice of thankfulness! Continued blessings to you~

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