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Thursday, June 26, 2014

No Fail No Fry Chicken Wings

The Story Behind the Big Boss Man Machine 

and the Health(ier) Chicken Wings

So last year, I found a great deal on the Big Boss Oil-less fryer on [This is not a paid advertisement for either companies. ] I was trying to wait to give this to my husband for his birthday but I couldn't stand the wait. I already waited 2 months hiding it in the front closet.

I convinced him that he should open this gift early even though it was for his birthday in early November. So, he was impressed and skeptical. To be honest we've tried this on potatoes with little luck (sorry, Big Boss company). BUT, chicken and steaks do so very well in this man machine. (4 oz. filet mignon, 5 mins each side @ 425, perfecto!)

So, my husband wanted to enjoy chicken wings at home. The snack pack of T.G.I.F. Friday's frozen premade wings are $8 for about 18 puny wings (even with the breading)! But, we buy the Walmart 4lb pack for $9.49. That pack lasts us two occasions of wing goodness. It's a better buy for more meat.

So chicken... meet your best ally.
1. Have about 6-7 wings at fridge temperature. You can premarinate them if you want. We've found it's unnecessary. We use a variety of seasonings. But it's up to your taste.

2. Make sure the thick skin is down and set the lamp to 375 for 20 minutes.

3. Flip over

4. Turn setting to 425 for 20 minutes.

 5. When 40 minutes is done, take the cover off the Big Boss right away or the heat condensates on the crispy skin and will make it non-crispy.

 6. Serve with sauce and sides to you preference. The skin will be crispy and the inside will be juicy.  The trick is changing the temperatures acknowledging that the skin on each side is a different thickness.


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