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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Words with Friends (WWF) Prompt

I've decided that I've been too serious and so now, I'm going to add a series of posts based on my Words with Friends high score words.  #WWF from now on. 

I will write something fairly short and hopefully humorous about the word. If you'd like to play with me, invite me to play "Meredith Suh". 

My Korean family name is "Suh" and since "Meredith Elizabeth" was already spoken for, I just went with it. There- you know a little more about me with still a lot of mystery left.


CHEW: TW tile, 36pts

To be honest, my husband's chewing sometimes drove me batty. I think it was a sensory thing combined with my environmental history. My father had a sensory issue (at least that's how I perceive it in the present) and hated the noises I made with chewing, breathing, etc. So- now that he's so graciously passed that down to me, chewing sounds bother me at times also. I try so so hard NOT to be like my father in that way. But it's really hard.
Go figure- One day my husband and I are watching our shows at night and eating an awesome snack
(as is our routine "couple time") as usual.  But then he surprises me by saying "Wow, you're a loud chewer." LOL So- that was an eye-opener for me that someone showed me the mirror on my own pet peeve thanks to my daddy. And come to think of it, I never even thought to try to do the same to my father! haha. Lesson dispensed from my dear, beloved, handsome husband.

Here are all of my WWF posts...

#WordsWithFriends #WWFPrompt

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