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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The God Fliter

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This is something that can really set certain believers apart from the rest of society. People who choose to experience life and make choices based off of their "God Filter" will most likely stick out like a sore thumb. Many times these people will stand alone. Many times these people will do the unpopular thing. Many times these people will see things and value things that are not perceptible to others who are not familiar with or using their heavenly filter.

When I was on the Easter Seals getaway in the Mountains, I was initially disappointed that all 5 of us were not appreciating the experience for what it was intended by us the parents. We saw this as a family building, quality time opportunity. I thought that this was what God would want me to do for my family.

But as time went on, the disappointment faded as I decided to find new value and perspective of the "why" I was there. I looked at the majestic beauty around me. I saw how perfectly the snow clung to each leafless limb effortlessly. I saw volunteers vibrating at such a positive frequency. I met people who needed to be heard... by me.

Suddenly I realized that God wanted me there not for my children and family, but to open my eyes to his beautiful and yet hurting world. One lady approached me and said she could tell I was burning for Jesus. Now to the average person, they would discount what this lady said because she is "different" and notably so. She asked me to spend time with her during our stay. I shared my snacks and let her talk.

She asked me to help her get her GED by supporting her with her math portion. She asked me-- a total stranger -- and yet through the workings of God we were not so strange to each other. She has a son who has been largely rejected by the biological father. She had pain in her eyes. I felt God telling me to focus on the parents around me and to minister to them in the moment and in whatever the future brings.

Once I realized why God put me there among all of those children and families, the fact that my children were oblivious to the amazing opportunity made it clear that my purpose for the trip was not God's purpose. I feel that God wants me/us to keep in touch and to support each other over the distance. My eyes were opened wider for the sibling of the special needs child. I saw a huge discrepancy in the energy and attention put into the children.

I felt convicted of coming up short as a parent. But that is the point. We will always come up short. Our only recourse it to continually confess, apologize and repent to each other. I hope that my vision  and hope for the siblings to thrive and to feel celebrated is also God's will. If that is true, I will  the best I can, within my influence, to bring it to pass. But I believe the call is even greater to solidify the relationships and not just elevate our "typical" children.

Now that we are back in our home environment I am content with the knowledge that we didn't make any family breakthroughs because using the "God Filter" I see that HIS purpose was fulfilled. He continues to show me that even the sick people who need ministering need to be willing to be ministered to. All I need to do is be poised for action and wait for the invitation or agreement. Even Jesus didn't heal all the people he encountered-- he only healed the ones who agreed to his influence.


I pray that God tunes our experience filters to align with his vision for us. I pray that through this filter we can feel a sense of peace and value in ourselves and outside of ourselves. I pray that God give us the awareness of our callings and the boldness to act on it. He WILL use every situation for good- even if it is not the "good" we had in mind. I pray all of these things in his Mighty and Loving Name, Amen.

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