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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tag I'm not IT

Stop it right now. 

I'm not God. 

Would God take a picture like this?

Three instances where we might get the feeling that humans are God:
  1. Birth of our Child- The position of being a creator and bringer into the universe has parallels to what the Holy Father has done.
  2. Times of Success- At the height of our successes, we may incorrectly feel like we're eclipsing the greatness of God. For- God, by his very nature of being omnipotent and omniscient, does not fail.
  3. When we are weak and surrounded by others- we will implicitly ask those people to be "God" in our lives and turn things around for us.
Looking back on my most difficult relational times,  I've come to see that they involved me wanting, asking, begging and admonishing people for being sub-par "gods" in my life. Or the converse, that I have been a sorry excuse for a "god" in another person's life. Children are susceptible to imposing my face as God. But- did you see that goofy face at the top of this frame? Not a chance that I'm The One God. Also, people who have gone through trauma tend to silently ask others to be "god" or their saviors for them.

This relational fallacy is where I say "NOT IT" and tell my kids that they need a relationship with God BECAUSE I will fail them despite my intentions not to. They, I, we get tripped up when we are hurt or disappointed by others. But really, that should just cue us back to the mantra that "we are not God, but we need God." My love is not the "end all to be all." My wisdom is nowhere near HIS wisdom. My ability to forgive is overshadowed by his example. In short- all of the ways I am imperfect are the same ways we need to make space for God in our lives.

If nothing else, our dependence on God gives the ones we love the break they deserve. Imagine putting someone up to an impossible task and punishing them because they fail? Can you imagine how much more peace and acceptance there would be in you relationships if you asked them to be human and God to be "the God" in your life? God can handle our tears, our anger and our temper-tantrums; the very things that shake our relationships with other mere mortals. Is there not beauty in where God fits in our lives?

What can I do when I feel disappointed in others?
I'd suggest that we name the moment for what it is. "Right now I'm frustrated because I figured he could read my mind that I needed him to help me since I'm tired." Then, give the situation a neutral or situational attribution "Oh, he's not the only person who can't read my mind." And finally, act in love. Nothing combats a negative spirit with the opposite: love, peace, acceptance, grace. I think that idea is even in the Bible... (wink)

If there's any residual tension, go find a time to be alone with God. I've never regretted seeking him. He always delivers. My prayers and God's blessings to you~

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