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Monday, January 6, 2014

Which group will you join?

Something that has been on my heart is the strength of our curses and blessings. Although the intention is usually not to compound past hurts or join the cheerleading squad of someone's life- but that is essentially what happens during our interactions with each other.

The moment the "receiver" perceives hurt or wrong, the "sender" joins the throng of bullies or naysayers of that person's past. When you decide to talk with blessing, alternately, you join the often smaller crowd of the cheerleaders and supporters of the "receiver's" life.

This concept increases the impact of our every interaction with each other. The limit of this principle is that sometimes a "receiver" will immune to messages in their negative or worse off in their positive form. This is the biggest challenge with pessimists or severely and repeatedly betrayed individuals.

Our divine smoking ace is our Creator God who purports to always be our biggest cheerleaders. He will even use our worst moments for the glory of his Kingdom. Your pain is his clay that shapes you into a person of virtue and character of his design.

Happy New Year!

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