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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Go on... promote yourself... everyone's doing it

You have your own personal brand, style, image. Some of it is only perceptible to the eye, the ears, nose; whereas other parts of your essence is combined in the brain and in our emotional centers. We communicate things without a word by our posture, dress, facial expression, and vibrational energy (ever feel like someone drained you of your energy or gave you their overflow?).

I had a weird experience noticing how different I feel with just different kinds of shoes. Slippers make me feel calm and comfy. Sneakers make me feel casual and ready for action. Boots make me feel like I'm a force to be reckoned with. High heels make me feel taller, formal and professional. Yesterday was the first time in a while that I wore pretty heeled shoes and boy did I feel the difference. It made me more apt to do a different array of things~ experience the world in a different way.

I'm not suggesting that we get bogged down with every single detail of the way we look and what we say. It is the composite of all of these things that matters most. There's no sense dressing to the nines and speaking like a pauper, for instance. People will notice what is consistent about you despite your wardrobe changes. In the end, people will be be either drawn to you or repelled by you.

If it matters to you: notice what feedback you are getting. If you are intentionally going for being seen as a friendly and intelligent person, does that match the feedback you are getting? Do you ever ask for feedback? Do you have a mirror (tongue in cheek)? Do you get the feeling that who you are looking at isn't the you you conceptualized in your brain and heart? Does that motivate you to make small changes?

Interact with your world. Do things that will make your vision and goals a reality. Shift your expectations on your day to day experiences and life based on YOUR skills and talents. Be as much what makes you uniquely you as you can because you are the only one who can do it the best. Be the real deal and strive to be exactly what makes you special. If you have a gift of words, run with it. If you can't do anything better than how you make paper planes, build on that. You are a brand that cannot be franchised. Experience life to the fullest, take your ideas to fruition, create in the areas of your life that you enjoy the most. But most of all- don't be afraid to try new things. =)

Thank you for reading. One day I hope to have many "followers", many comments and reposts. Until then, I'll just do what I enjoy the most- writing. Blessings~

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