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Saturday, January 11, 2014

More of the good stuff...please

This year I pledge myself to be a giver, rather than a do-er. I had something happen recently that was so disheartening that the only way I can move beyond it is to think of that event as a catalyst for being more generous. I consider myself a moral, virtuous, kind and responsible person. But I have never been good at giving; I gave just when I felt like it but not as a discipline.  I lost something so special to me that I can only resolve it in my mind that whoever has what I lost needed it and is using it for good.

To take it further... I'm compelled to cut my hair off and give it to Locks of Love. I got the blessing from my husband (ladies, YKWIM) to cut off my hair, not all, for those who have lost theirs in a terrible way. I want to give away our past use baby items. I'm terrible at Craigslisting and might as well bless someone else.

This year I want to live smarter, leaner, with less of the excess. I can honestly say that I have too much, my kids have too much and my husband (shh, don't tell him I said this) has too much. I want to steward my talents, time, resources, money and energy for the best condition of my family and for the glory of God.

I want to live like I'm going to die tomorrow. I want to slow down to enjoy my kids and do other things more efficiently. I don't want to leave anything unsaid. I will do what I can to make the impact that God has measured for me. I invoke his will to bring me more or new opportunities to do his kingdom's work. I will walk more spiritual miles this year to understand what this life is asking of me. I will release spiritual baggage and stop stressing over my physical vessel.

I will continue to ask God to give me the desires and appetites for only the things that are good for my mind, body and spirit. I will surrender my weakness to invoke his strength. I will ask him to speak to me in new areas of my life. I will give up my fears, one hyperventilating breath at a time... as he loosens their grip on my mind and spirit. I have found purpose and peace in things that people cannot see. It is my secret world of affirmation and life-giving energy,

Moving forward, I want nothing to weigh me down and keep me stuck in this swift life. I will release this idea that I need earthly support when I have Heavenly support. When I stand alone it is to be in agreement with my God. So- even being alone is a GOOD thing. I shall not fear being judged, rejected or abandoned by people of this life. This life is nothing compared to what is in store for me in Heaven. Thank God.

I want more of the good stuff... that only He supplies. Hallelujah!

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