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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

When it is not a matter of this life...

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I believe that if people knew for sure they'd be rewarded for all the good they do in life, they'd do more of it. People struggle every single day to see any good fruits in their life for the concerted efforts they pour into valued areas. Depending on what fuels their motivation, many of these people will/do pogi-hae (Give up, in Korean).

If we are driven by our egocentric inner god (notice the small "g") complex, then any frustrations or perceived failures will drive us to give up. If we are driven by the truth of what is good and the value inherent in those deeds and the people receiving them, we will generally and more likely continue such unacknowledged behavior. Dare I say, some of those people who persevere are probably followers of God [insert religious figure] walking a path to Heaven.

Those followers of God know that some things will not and cannot be rewarded/acknowledged on Earth but are deemed to be handled during the rest of Eternity. Eternal reward sounds so much sweeter than momentary and fleeting reward in "this" life. You will also be able to sense the mission (perseverance of loving acts) is for an Eternal reward when the Enemy seeks to destroy your mission. Your mission is most powerful if it is in line with the one God has appointed for you. When you are in line with God, you will have more opposition. But- when you are in line with God, nothing can overcome you. [Remember David fighting Goliath not with his own power but with God's power for God's glory]

When you can align yourself with a cause, mission, goal that is bigger than yourself or this world, know that you should proceed with an "Indomitable Spirit" (borrowed from a Taekwondo Form developed by Grand Master Lee Sang Chul). When you are acting beyond yourself you can increase the impact of your efforts exponentially. When you step in line with God, nothing is impossible. See all the small evidence as a nod from him as a symbol of His approval and support.

I would like to encourage all of you to mobilize yourself for your destined and uniquely crafted purpose/cause/goal/mission. Take inventory of your strengths. Remember the messages you resisted about yourself. For me they were: "You are not a good writer. I can't help you" and "Don't devote your life to Psychology. It is a quackery." Resisting those two messages have propelled me further than agreeing with any other weak messages I've received in my life. I decided to prove those messages wrong and have received more positive feedback in those very areas than any other areas in my life!

I am not an expert. I'm not as accomplished as I plan to be. But I do know for sure that you are meant for eternal reward. You have eternal value. See you on the other side...

{Original Post Date: 1/8/14. Edited 4/8/14}

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