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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Face the pain

I won't say that I enjoy pain. And I don't embrace all pain. I break it down into- what is worthwhile and what is just ridiculous. Is the pain associated with a goal or a vision? Is the pain associated with momentary reward or future gains? If I walk through this pain, is God going to be proud of me?

The most obvious pain that I face these days is that of impending childbirth. I do not see it as a ridiculous pain. I see it as goal oriented with future rewards and joy. Pain that leads to joy? I raise my hand.

A lot of times we are deluded into thinking that we can circumvent the pain. Perhaps that's where addictions come into the scene, or sins or irresponsible decisions. But when do we ever really escape the haunting of our pain? The nature of pain is that if we don't walk through it- it walks WITH us and IN us. It's like the trash. You can avoid it but soon enough the odor will reach every corner of your house. We must take out the trash.

It's not about our sight; but about our consciousness (even subconsciousness). Sometimes the pain goes away when we repent. Repenting doesn't necessarily mean you have to walk into the pain, but more dissociating with the person who gained (ha ha) the pain.  Pain knows which heart it can choke.

Other times, we are called to walk through the pain; to let it change us and make amends, pay restitution.  Sometimes the key to getting rid of pain is to see where we allowed it into our lives; to see where we CAN dissociate with the discomfort.

Part of dealing with pain forces us to embrace the possibility of changing. Sometimes people refuse to change and drag around the pain as their token of resistance. But change in relation to pain is usually for the best. Some people don't want to face the pain in the presence of others as it is too embarrassing or shameful. What they don't realize is that most people CAN SEE the pain without full disclosure AND if you have been able to hide the pain, chances are you are not holding yourself accountable in other areas of your life as well.

Pain and sin need to step into the light to be best dealt with. The light is meant to be support, to be a source of growth. Growing pains are much more worth the pain of stupidity. And if you are lucky, find a partner to walk you through that pain. To some, that partner is God. To others it is someone who reached out to help and support.

God wants you to feel joy and forgiveness and rebirth! It is a free gift, don't throw it away. Think about the legacy you want to leave behind. Will it be a legacy of pain or a legacy of healing?

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