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Saturday, May 11, 2013

As though I just appeared...

Perhaps I could relate my existence to the Cambrian explosion. One minute I'm not here and then the next- poof! It's the philosophical question of what was the first "cause" if we believe in cause and effect.

To me, I think of Mother's Day and Father's Day in a similar way from my role as a "child." I have no knowledge of a romance, relationship, marriage, pregnancy. All I know is that one day I "was." And I don't even know what the other half of me is. So perhaps, one day I was "half of me" and another day I found my other "half"? I have no evidence that I was ever a newborn other than "records."

Was my Korean mother a "Virgin Mother"? I am not that naive to run with that idea. I do know that humans start in bellies and grow from babies. And since I'm a human, I know I used to be in a belly and WAS a baby despite my lack of proof and stories to company my history. My life feels like a "Fringe" episode and I need Olivia to help me figure it out... or do I need to know all the details? Would they be too upsetting? Did I get shot up with Cortexaphan?

I guess there is where my brain is primed to believe in Jesus and the Almighty God. I have been asked to accept so many "pieces of my life puzzle" without proof that what's the huge leap with believing in salvation through Jesus? I've had people bad talk me without knowing the whole story... without giving me the decency or the floor to speak my peace. It's my story and I don't even know all of it, what makes them think "they know" better than me? That's why you just let it go. There is wisdom in "suspending judgment". And that is a huge part of embracing the faith; "suspending our judgment" in exchange for the unlimited wisdom and guidance of God's judgment.

I remember the moments where I've suspended judgment and have been wonderfully surprised. When we judge we deny our ability to connect/identify with another person. Even without knowing you, I know you have a rich story, an invaluable future and the ability to heal. That is enough for me to like you, value you- right now, without knowing anything else.

The fact that we are not alike is the Enemy's tool to interfere with our ability to connect and heal each other. As if there is a person out there that is totally like us; it is a delusion that we hold in our heads. There is no healing outside of a relationship with our God, or for non-believers, without fellowship.

This holiday, I pray for all of the "children" out there to feel the love of our Ultimate Parent- our Loving Father in Heaven. He will step in the gaps that we have in our Earthly life if we invite him to. He will be the strong and tender arms of the parents we lost to abandonment or death. I might not know my Earthly story, but God knows my eternal story... for that, I am blessed.

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