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Monday, March 2, 2015

Vision and Faith

Go Further than your Dream.

Some people don't dare to dream.

Some people don't create 
a vision around their dreams.

I am the one who was dared to dream the unlikely. I was ridiculed for my audacious vision. I propelled my dream for that special person with a vision and with Faith. I believe that since I had the those three things in alignment, I have expectantly seen with my own eyes, God transform.

Ok, I admit it-- I felt intimidated. First of all, most of my first reactions are of self doubt because I was abandoned as a child. (Just the truth, not trying to get your sympathy.) Furthermore, I didn't have any special training, college degrees or anything to substantiate my dream. Yet my gut felt that I could make a difference and that God could change a life for victory.

I decided to enact the most outrageous plan and confronted the "bear of doubt and disapproval." In truth, that the bear did growl for some time. The bear did not want to get their hopes up. But I had to "face the bear" to help the person thrive. It was not glamorous. To be very honest, it was pretty painful at times. But, being the stubborn Taurus that I am, I made my decision and I was sticking to it.

I figured, what did I have to lose? The aim was honorable and not selfish. Did I have to step on some feet? Yeah. Did I throw around blame? No. My strategy was focused and pure. I knew it was God's will (aligned with my faith) that put that vision in my heart.

Pastor Jimmy Evans says that God does not give us a vision without his pro-vision. It was hard to see it over the years, but there were small evidences. Not enough for the common unbeliever to believe, but enough for the believer to sustain their (His) mission for a long time.

Enter the Impossible!

Recently my faith has been rewarded with proof. God has done a huge undertaking in one of his precious children. God continues to change his heart, mind and spirit to unlock all of the potential he was gifted with from the beginning of time. To know where things began years ago, to today- God has fueled a victory that would inspire. Only OUR God.

And for the non Judeo-Christian audience...  
I bet you already know that vision is a must. 
Vision is very powerful and instrumental in making dreams come true of your own power. Vision can unlock many a great things like the Millionaire Next Door. I say-- unlock your potential. [smile]

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