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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Resonating with your True Self

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You Have Something Special 

to offer the Universe

How many times have you caught yourself in a conversation where the both of you are clicking? You resonated with what they said. They resonated with what you said. It doesn't happen often but generally those experiences generate a feeling of oneness and belonging.

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In truth, I feel stupid for sounding so happy and content. Problems aren't really that problematic for me. Challenges have a number of solutions that pop into my mind. For every bad moment there is surely another good moment in store for me. And, don't hate me, I have a whole lot more great moments. 
I never questioned if I deserved to feel this centered but I wondered why. Why, if my life wasn't all daisies, am I able to be so content in my "now"? How come in one household, I can be so happy when many others are not? And, how did a person who was severely strung out on stress come to be the happiest person she knows?

I do the things that I know only I can provide. I do the things that give me energy rather than steal it. I do things that are true to who I am.

By those measures, I've found my resonance. When I do things within my resonance range, it feels like I have limitless energy, inspiration and focus. When my conscious self resonates with my unconscious self, it makes me very relaxed and generous.

How do You know what Resonates 

with Your True Self?

  1. Activities that make you loose track of time;
  2. Activities that trigger your cognition (putting together the puzzle pieces, increasing of understand, and new ideas);
  3. Activities that you can't stop doing until they are finished
  4. When your desire to do such a thing stays strong or grows over time;
  5. When people around you are better for the fact you are there doing what you were designed to do and love;
  6. When people ask you "What is your secret?".
For myself as an example: I could say my biggest cognitive resonance activity is learning about people through psychology. This interest started when I took AP Psychology in high school and has not let up. I could watch YouTube videos on psychology (and related topic) lectures for hours on end and not get bored. I can feel my brain activate and pave strong neural connections. My intellectual resonance is within this realm.

My spiritual resonance activity is feeding my soul with sermons. I can listen and watch sermons 24/7 and get more and more understanding of what the Bible teaches. It also allows me to filter out (displace) the dark spiritual influences such as modern media with sex, drugs and rock and roll. It totally turns me off.

My physical resonance activity is singing. When I was in college the first time around, every night at 10pm I'd go out to the hill next to my dorm. I'd then lay on the grass and sing to the sky. As I grew older and gained more confidence (I paid for my own vocal lessons for a spell), I got better at it. Now I go in the shower and sing those notes that resonate with the materials that make up the shower. And that "does it" for me. One of my best moments of singing was when I sang a song in Korean (reading Korean symbols) and got a 97%. It was a passionate song I hadn't heard in 10 years.


So What Now?

Take some time to identify your resonance activities. I warmly encourage you to do as much self resonating in your daily life as is reasonable. I believe the more you do it the happier and healthier you will be. Not only will you be happier, but you will be contributing that special factor (you) to the world exactly as you were designed to be. Be fantastically you as no-one else can be!

Please share what you believe your resonance activities are and anything relating to this post. I look forward to reading them~

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