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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Be the Boss of your Stress

Don't let Stress call the shots~

My better half asked what changed about me. Why can I handle this stressful phase in our life? My fundamental answer was that I decided that it was no longer going to have power over me. Of course, I acknowledge that I cannot control when stressful events happen. I accept that stress is something my body will acknowledge. It is what I do with it that makes it sabotage my days and my peace.

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Get Help Where Help is Due

  1. I bought a natural supplement to help my body detox from cortisol

  2. I kicked my support structure up a notch. FRIENDS. I branched out, thickened roots, strengthened networks... and the like
  3. I chose my battles: cooking- yes, dishes- no very reduced. (smile) Big sister can help with bath-time and help with cleaning. 
  4. I got help for the rest of my family so that I did not need to be the "source" for them.
  5. I reframed my response to stress

I had to make peace with the stress response. I also trained myself to be aware of it at its minor stage and choose to make it submit to my will and not the other way around. The earlier I catch it, the better I handle the situation and experience less arousal. In the end, I feel a sense of relief and peace. 

It is like night and day. Before, stress would go unchecked and get ugly like the Wild Things in "Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak. I used to feel like a monster, depleted, and overwhelming guilt. But now, I feel more composure which gives me more confidence in my decisions and behavior after that first small pang of stress. I don't have that nagging feeling that I appeared crazier than I wanted to look. (heehee) I also feel more respectable. I trust my ability to handle life's curve-balls and puddles of milk.

And best of all, I'm modeling for my kids how to handle tense situations. The payoff will probably surface more and more over time. 

What are your tips for dealing with stress?
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