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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ten Things of Thankful July 6

I made a TToT Calendar

 DIY Marriage Conference 1. Marriage Conference: We were on the  waiting list for this conference funded by the United States National Guard. I was stoked when I heard that they had a spot for us WITH childcare. We've been blessed by a number of marriage and family programs offered through the military.

2. Surprise Card from my Mother in Law.

3. Lunch with Husband at Rumbi Grill. We found out that Gabriel does not like iced tea. LOL

Coffee Lovers Only®
4. I got to have Cold Stone twice in one week. Booyah! 

V-day 2012
5. Breakthrough with Husband:
He was attuned to my emotional well-being and had the courage to ask what was bothering me. I was able to talk to him about something that I was holding inside for a long time. He listened and we both came up with a strategy to put it past us. He said that it helped that I didn't seem angry at him. I felt safe in respectfully sharing something that bothered me. In the past, we would have been in a huge fight. I feel like we're in a really healthy stage in our marriage-- for the long haul. It feels amazing. I'm so blessed by him.  

6. First Toddler Playgroup for Gabriel: He did very well. He interacted with some of the children. He even tried to kiss the 9month old baby. He hasn't even kissed me yet! I'm a proud mama.

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7. Guest Blog: I had a wonderful opportunity to have my writing appear on a successful business blog. I'm enjoying making ongoing friendships. I love lifting people up and promoting quality people with their quality messages.

8. Family 4th of July Party: It is a blessing to have friends who have kids around the same age as our kids. They also throw awesome kid friendly parties. It was especially appreciated this year because our neighbors were talking about a neighborhood party in front of us without inviting us. It didn't feel good to be left out. We didn't know how to break into the neighborhood social scene when we moved 2 years ago.

 9. Afternoon Nap: I can't remember the last time I had a nap. It was a guilty pleasure. It was one time in ages that I didn't feel like I had to do anything. I know...unheard of! =)

10. Partner Workouts: I'm thankful that I have a partner to do life with and workouts with. Even if all we do is move around the fishbowl of life, we will be two peas in a pod. We're in this together- blood, sweat and tears. (Snails named "Gary" and "Esnailio")

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