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Monday, July 14, 2014

Secret Story- Spoiler Words: Pineapple, Magnesium, Walks

What kind of story involves pineapples, walks and magnesium?


March 7, 2013

Truth be told, I had a difficult pregnancy. I had nausea most of the nine months, was in emotional turmoil and I got as fat as a house. By the 3rd trimester, I was just tortured by the hormonal roller-coaster I was on and vowed to take tranquilizers after the pregnancy if need be.

At any rate, despite the turmoil the pregnancy ended on a very loving note. My midwife told me to take magnesium pills so I wouldn't go into labor before my 37 weeks or I couldn't have the baby at the "place." Magnesium pills strengthen the uterine muscles to prolong the onset of contractions.

Thankfully, I reached 37 weeks of being house sized. I wanted the schpeel to be over, so we took lots of walks together. We wanted a natural birth, so we looked up natural ways to kick-start labor.

One of the tips was to eat pineapple. There is an enzyme in bromeliads that can trigger contractions. My loving husband bought me loads of pineapples. He cut up all of the fresh pineapples AND the black spots off of each and every one of them before serving them to me. Talk about a labor of love...

Well, there was too much going on in May. My due date was the 27th. The kids had their end of school year parties. My son had his birthday on the 16th. The Daisy Scout graduation was on the 18th as the last event that I was hoping I wouldn't miss with labor.

I waddled through all of those calendar dates and could relax. Low and behold, the next day, the 19th I went into spontaneous labor in the wee morning. Truth be told, the 19th is MY birthday. It turned out to be my son's birth day!

I had a very quick and healthy labor. Within four hours, I had the birth I was wanting. Three hours after that, we were sent on our way home with a newborn. I spent the rest of my Birthday with the best birthday present ever.

From that day, I've been a healthier, happier, and evolved soul. By the grace of God, the hormones wore off, and my pregnancy induced emotional turmoil evaporated. Fourteen months later, we have a healthy dancing toddler who has been the glue to our blended family. Not to downplay the power of God, but he has done work in our hearts.

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