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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Will a robot be our future best friend?

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I started to think about why people choose games over people. I'll abstain from beating up on the gaming industry that is only doing what any successful industry should do- sell sell sell. The sad fact is that what sells these things is pointing out the failures we have been too each other. Hey, this game will help you feel successful; it will be fun; it will help you get your anger out; it will interact with you the way your family can't or won't; it will evolve WITH you. I WON'T (can't) leave you. Don't worry- there's a patch for that... and upgrade for that. We want to meet your expectations.

I think the thing that unifies everyone is that we've been disappointed by people... some close, some not. But that gives those games, computers, gaming consoles the "in." Without words, those things say "Hey Meredith, you KNOW that X is not going to try to meet your needs, here I'll do it for you." It satiates our instinct to avoid pain... but especially social pain.

It's gotten so bad that when games let us down- we cry! We have no reason to hope anymore because the one thing that promised to meet the needs (our last hope of it being met) has let us down. It seems like a logical reaction; but at the same time it seems ridiculous too. Crying over a computer chip. Will the game cry over you?

We've stopped asking more of others, but firstly, of ourselves. When the going gets socially rough, go to your cellphone or your computer... right? Who's doing the dirty work of upgrading their relationships? There is NO DOWNLOAD for that. When we actually get to that point with a PERSON- it is ecstatic and feels miraculous. I imagine it would give ME the biggest dopamine rush to challenge ANY game out there. That's the REAL stuff; the high that we're programmed to get from doing right by each other... the way our maker designed us.

The folly of divorce is that it goes off the premise of "S/he wasn't good enough for me. S/he was the problem. I'm sure I could find someone better for ME." And when divorces lead to marriage and more divorce we still skip over the ludicrous idea that maybe the common denominator is ME. Change Me. Upgrade ME. I need to take an inventory of MYSELF and my social repertoire.

Divorce isn't just for marriages anymore. It's for our families, or friends, our workplaces. We're so ready to give up these days. Where are the people who are gearing to DIG IN? Now if we're realistic, this is partly an age and maturity thing that sets the stage. But in reality, how many people COULD dig in that don't?

We need to see each other cry. We need to see each other angry. We need to see each other happy. We need to know what it looks like and why those feelings manifested. It's what it takes to be human. We don't get to tell the other person "I only want to see the perfect side of you." That's just ridiculous and unrealistic and UNACCEPTING.  We are all imperfect and we deserve people around us who will accept us where we are in this moment before they are DESERVING of seeing us perfect. We need people around us who see us for who we are destined to be or made to be before we actually achieve it. We need people around us that love us despite our need for patches and upgrades and support us toward those ends.

What is impossible with love and grace? The moment we give up, a whole set of possibilities become IMPOSSIBLE. When I watch wretched people, I've started to see how wretched I am. And thank heavens because now I have the wits to change myself for the people I love. True love is being WILLING to change; having the FAITH that those people will help us.

I defy you to find a game or silicon instrument that will have faith in you, that will love you, that will help you become the best you you are meant to be. So- I really really hope that we don't opt for robot best friend. How unfathomable is it that the crown of creation (humans) are learning to be LESS human and would create something that is SUB-human as in a robot or games...

I love people. I pray that the Lord gives me the strength and the perseverance to PURSUE people. First, I have to stop being a homebody... But that's why I'm working on ME so I can bust out of this joint. =)

Love and blessings to all my readers!

[Originally Posted: 9/12/13  Edited: 4/8/14]

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