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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Will you use your memory as a totem for God or for the Enemy?

I know that I'm starting off with a tangent... But last night I watched an episode of "Supernatural" with my handsome husband and it happened to hinge on faith and miraculous healing. The young lady who was favored for healing said at the end (not getting the opportunity) that though she needed a miracle of healing but that God would definitely supply a miracle of his choosing. That miracle turned out to be Dean (not a believer) vowing to pray for her... and she left content. Actually, she claimed she was at peace with death if it was God's will.

Ok, so-- as much as we must acknowledge the fact that we cannot control everything (some of us would say we have submitted to God's will), there are still things we can "choose" with our free will. And since our history is longer than our knowledge of our future (any fortune tellers?), we have a wealth of memories/experiences that can make us witnesses to God or to the Enemy. Of course no one has all good memories of their lives and each of us carry around our own pain (not to be compared). Some people have more happy memories than others.

Jesus's ministry on earth was but a short time in proportion to any of the disciple's lives, heck even less time with the people he met healed and blessed in passing. But those people still had a choice to dedicate one moment or many moments of their history/experiences as totems for their living faith. Even for believers, a death by religious persecution was not "death" in conventional terms, but an express train to Heaven. We are all going to die from/for something- at least they got to choose what they died for. And nothing is more powerful than the message of a person willing to die for a cause/belief.

As I progress in years, my attitude towards my memories has changed. They cease to be face value and now have a "value" in the believer's sense. The memories have gone through a spiritual metamorphosis. Thank God. Whatever we do not claim for God will be claimed by the enemy- God forbid. I invite you to claim parts of your life for things that represent good (even if it doesn't include God).

Blessings to you all...

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