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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mental Detox

I gained a whopping sixty pounds in my "effort" to have a healthy baby. A lot of that weight was unnecessary and I have successfully went through pregnancy only gaining 23lbs and having a heavier baby than I did this time! But my point is that I still need to shed this "surplus". Many people cling to surplus as a sign of security and being provided for.

As I venture to lose this weight, I'm not assuming that it will be as easy as last time. Things are different: my age, metabolism, my current habits. So in my research, I learned that in order to get rid of the fat, I must recognized that the fat shields me from the toxins I hold in my body. So my first step must be to detox to allow the fat to "stand down" and flush out of my system. Detox is the new buzz word in the health world. Even Dr. Max Gerson touted the coffee enema (detoxification).

Must we forget other areas that we should detox? For me, I think we overlook the contents of our mind that come from our history and things that we allow through our eyes and process in our brains. Most recently, I watched "Game of Thrones" with my husband. (I've had a total spiritual/mental shift since being a former "Nip/Tuck" watcher). My brain really hated seeing the non-Christian content. I've been super sensitive to my past ignorance (way of dressing/acting) and now I see it in public around me. I feel totally convicted and I'm so glad I'm not the same person.

I have a new addiction: feeding my mind on Christian content (sermons, texts, testimonials, counter-cultural stuff to be exact). And I couldn't understand why I was so drawn to this stuff beside the fact that I never get tired of it. I think it is a new program in my brain that wants to detox of modern pop culture. It's the realization that my children are destined to steep in this brain altering "culture." For me it's come to a point of thinking about my children's hearts and minds and even my grandchildrens'... future generations. And even if we don't care about our "self control", what about worrying for our future family members? Aren't they worth it?

I'd like to fantasize that if my biological parents were Christian, they would have "kept me" (I know, such a disorienting concept) rather than giving me up for adoption. I'm not aware of any other dynamics that made my mother un-fit to be a parent. There was plenty of family around to help raise me. Anyways, I can't rewrite  that part of history.

I strive to never become desensitized to our sexualized and self-seeking culture. I don't think I can be desensitized AND be a good parent. And only in this world do we feed the kids and our minds junk and still expect to treat each other well. We are set up for failure in this regard if we continue to let culture lead us in what is "right."

Sometimes we are the worst offenders of ourselves. We must also detox our minds of the beliefs (archaic at best) we held about ourselves. We are not the same even if we tried to be such. None of us live in a time capsule. Clear out those negative thoughts you hold about yourself especially if they only hold you back. Break free. Give yourself permission to first love yourself. I dare you. =)

So- I invite you all to detox mind and body with me! I need some accountability partners for sure. Let's keep this journey in the Light. Blessings!

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