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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mind Hack for Happiness

You can be HAPPY without Fail.


You have requested something of someone. 

Or, you hope your expectations are met....

Many people get stuck on hearing "No." If their expectations are not met, they spiral into personal misery. It's almost a human autopilot. Depressed people, control freaks, Type-A personalities (oh wait, EVERYBODY IS) are vulnerable to the "not going your way doldrums." Why must this be so????


We decided ahead of time to be content with both yes and no answers? Just like parents let their children choose between two things they would approve of... How about we adults, shut off that autopilot and gear ourselves to be good with both (or many) outcomes. That way, we can decide when we are happy and not let other people or life make that decision for us. How about it?

You can be that annoying person who is always happy~

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