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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Raw Potential Through Shifts of Perspective

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I've taken up a new hobby of sorts that has fueled a lot of my researching and creative energies. All of that to say- in that process of putting effort into this new endeavor (for personal benefit), I've come to the realization that God wants us to see value in even the least of things or people. We are not finished products. We are still masterpieces in the making. He calls us to see things as raw materials to be redeemed for a new (and perhaps a better) purpose. He wants us to have the grower's mentality (thank you, Pastor Jimmy Evans of Marriage Today Ministries). He wants us to sow and reap by exponential numbers.

Have you ever reveled in the fact that one seed that becomes a plant has the POTENTIAL to seed an infinite number of future plants of the same kind as long as they are tended to. I started to see that I was still throwing things away that could be of value to me or at least someone else in another part of the world. I started to think of what I am doing that could be shared with the rest of the world, especially the less fortunate.

This lesson in perception has taught me that God doesn't want us to give up on people, relationships and the things that HE values. This tree that you are looking at is ancient: think of all of the people that sat in its shade or all of the squirrels that perched on the branches. Think of the person that planted the plant that provided the seed for this tree.

This person that you interact with on a particular day may not be your cup of tea and may not suit YOUR purposes. But this exact person has infinite value to God and in the scope of HIS KINDGOM unbeknownst to you. Mine that person for their INTRINSIC value- not what you want to get out of them. Think of their potential. Think of the people they influenced in their lives. Think about their energy footprint in this timeline we call life.

I feel challenged to value the things that God values. I want to think "It's not just... it's a future..." or "He's not just the person I see right now... but the future version of him who has yet to come to be."  I want to hold on to you a little longer. I don't want to bring any more into my life until I truly see the breadth of provision I have in my life- to my ability.

My main idea is a prayer that we see treasure in things that are not shiny, new or obvious. I pray a spirit of thanks to wash over us for the provision that God has so lovingly bestowed upon us. I pray that we become overwhelmed by the unmined bounty in our lives. I pray these words in his ever wise Name, Amen.

Blessings to you~

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