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Thursday, August 1, 2013

When a little is plenty...

For my family, we are trudging through a government inflicted furlough. We are going to have to live off less. Period.

This is a test of faith, or at least of thankfulness for the present for unbelievers. Looking back, we cling to the relative "opulence" we became accustomed to. Looking forward, we predict that things can only get worse. But- if we look at the present and take stock, take inventory, perhaps we'd be able to see how abundant our lives are without the more of the future.

We are lucky that we don't have outstanding unsecured debt. Our four vehicles are paid off. We have money in the checking and savings accounts. We have "so" much that we can't qualify for Social Security benefits for our child. Heck, we were poorer and we couldn't qualify for food stamps. Yay us! (I'm not judging other's situations- just speaking about myself).

I have things I own (cars, electronics, etc) that I can sell if need be. I have some skills that I can earn money. I have things I can do that are free that I enjoy more than things that we pay money for (and gives me remorse later). But more than that- I have FAITH in God, my true provider. He has given me an abundant portions of his provisions throughout my life whether or not I recognized the fact. But I recognize it now.

Don't let the lies of the world steer your thoughts and fears. The world tells us "That is not enough." "Why did they get more?" "That's all?" "What's in it for me?" But what about asking "What can I give and donate?" And dare we give when we are lacking? That is unheard of on our Earth. We only get to hear and see what "they" want us to see unless we seek it out and investigate.

And really, I'd dare you to invite God to be your "provider" in these lean times; heck, even during times of plenty. And more than that, ask him to give you the wisdom and self control to steward what you have so that you can be satisfied longer. If it can last... make it last. If you have extra... give it away with a generous heart. I might even go as far as daring you to get rid of more stuff during lean times. Get to know what real life offers; give your spiritual life room to thrive. Find more balance. See value in areas that the world won't reveal to you.

I was blessed to have a wonderful relationship (not perfect) with my current family years ago when we were trying to "make it" financially. Those are the times I miss. We spent so much time together and did quality inexpensive things. We were more connected then than we have been since. It was a blessing; though many people would not be able to see that. Now that we have more income- we have less time to enjoy each other and more to worry about. If your "yoke" is the amount of your possessions- how heavy do you want it? I know people who pick up trash and want to keep it. Can you juggle all of that and know your Creator (God, if you believe in him)?

Don't be frightened. Little is plenty and less is more. I'd venture to say that it's time to unload rather than download. You are loved, provided for and protected from above...

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