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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I still want to share...

I know my other blog was accidently erased and I wish I had copies of my posts. But alas, all I can do is continue with another name... as close to it as I could come. I still humbly feel like I have things to share that can help others evolve in their own thinking and perspectives as the writing is evidence of my own changes.


This past week my family participated in a church drive called "Stop Hunger Now" based in Arizona. I greatly suggest that you make a donation or volunteer. I'm a former orphan who went through abandonment, living in an orphanage and foster care and ending up in international adoption. I don't take for granted that I did not become a statistic that succumbed to starvation and death. I've found non-profit agencies to give my last few dollars through my working years. I take surveys that donate money to my chosen charity. I'm not money bags- but I do want to make an impact. I cannot figure out why I beat the odds, so I am aware that I should be so thankful and spread the opportunities as well.

I am officially 35 weeks along in my pregnancy. I am hoping to last at least another 2 weeks of hippo-status to meet my unborn son. Jasmin is ecstatic and Alex helped put the stroller together. It is getting more and more real.

I am finishing my spring semester of college. I have 5 more classes before I can get my associates of science in psychology and switch to a more expensive (waaaaaaaaaaaaah!) educational institution for bachelors and masters. Excited to get this part of my life behind me.

My son Alex is participating in the Special Olympics soccer team. He is a star for sure and I've never seen him so proud of himself. I suggest that you witness a Special Olympics event- it is so inspiring. It makes you challenge your idea of what you are and are not able to do.

My current books are: 52 Devotions to enhance your spiritual intimacy (Associated with Gary Thomas' Sacred Marriage) and Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Life. I spend a good 30-60 minutes a day in my spiritual pursuits. It helps me have a more well rounded life when I can easily be bogged down by school and parenting.

My marriage is the star of my life as it has been for years now. Despite our normal challenges (and some not normal, LOL) I love being married to my man and working through things that life throws at us. There have been many things that we've weathered that have made many other relationships crumble. I'm excited to know what parenting WITH my spouse will feel like with this new baby. I love experiencing new things.

My husband and I have a helicopter tour of Denver in the works as a "first". I love that despite the fact that we are older and have experienced marriage before, that there are so many "firsts" that we've been able to share. Earlier this month- we had another first of staying at the 5-star hotel, The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.

I want to shout out to my friend Samantha for treating me and my family to a baby celebration at Dave n Busters this past weekend (which was a first for Robert!). It was a blast and I especially appreciate that she would drive all the way up to see us. She is certainly a friend who will go the distance. 

So the main reason for this post is to say that I'm back and thank you for your support! God Bless you!

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