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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Good Luck Adopted Child... a reflection on news about the show "Good Luck Charlie"

The show "Good Luck Charlie" is introducing for the first time a lesbian couple in the context of being parents. Ok, so I'm going to talk about this from the adoptee standpoint of view rather than from my Christian religious beliefs. Because the truth is, we need to get to the root of the problem. The root of the problem is that HETEROSEXUAL people are having BABIES and not taking care of them. The fact that there are unclaimed babies out there to begin with gives same-sex couples the opportunity to adopt these family-needing children. So- shame on us heterosexuals for messing things up!

Also, think about the common phenomena of single mothers (heterosexual) who band to together to raise their kids to any extent (roommates or not). The fact is- it is very common for unmarried women to co-parent (a stretch but the influence is still valid) children together. How about the cliche "It takes a village to raise a child"? That child rearing thing is visceral and a part of us (women) genetically.

I am a fan of a child becoming a part of a family. That should be the end-game. I don't think a child should be family-less just because a homosexual couple unmarried in the sight of the law is pursuing adoption. That is just ludicrous. Two heterosexual people don't need to be married to "make"  and parent a child so why do same-sex couples need to be legally married to adopt? I think if two people want to adopt a child together and share that responsibility for the rest of their lives they should be able to adopt. Parenting is the real deal- there is no breaking of those bonds (unless the parenting was horrendous and the child pursues legal action).

Parenting should be less about body parts and more about the continual sacrifice in the direction of the child and the bond with the other parent. I don't think we need to even consider how parents get intimate. The focus needs to be on honoring the "role" of being a parent. Don't take it for granted. Heterosexual couples- don't parade your kids around the food stamp office while a same-sex couple would die to parent a child and keep them out of government aid. We take parenting for granted- period. It is a privilege whether or not the child is biological.

I think to become a parent (through adoption or otherwise) we should have to furnish a certificate of parent training rather than a legal marriage document. Fertility should be guarded to only the people who will do parenting justice as fallible broken people. Now getting back to the show "Good Luck Charlie," I am a fan of their introducing a same-sex couple FOR THE CHILDREN who have same-sex parents. I'm happy that they can see something in media that mirrors their circumstances. As an internationally adopted child, I yearned to see multi-racial families in real life. I yearned to see Asians in media. That was good for me. I don't care how much you could care less about what I NEEDED to see. I'm glad that I got to see enough of  it to feel good about the things I couldn't choose or change on my own as a minor.

So there you have it, my readers. The above are my reflections on the development in Disney's news-breaking show. Sending my love, blessings and good karma to all parents out there who are doing their darndest for their sons and daughters!

#Adoption should be for #parents who want to do #parenting #justice and not just #fitthemold.

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